Skate Ramp

Qalqilya Ramp Design

In December of 2012, Adam and Mohammed took a break from production and made a trip to Dubai to network at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) Market.

The most rewarding of the many new Dubai contacts was Tashkeel, an organization dedicated to art, design, cross-cultural dialogue and creative exchange. In addition to creating studios for visiting artists, first class facilities for the local community and a fine art gallery to show cutting edge work, they have also been developing skate ramps and skateparks for five years. Upon meeting Adam and Mohammed and learning about the X-Games, Tashkeel committed themselves to designing and building a skate ramp for the kids in Qalqilya.

Anxious to do something immediately for the team, they handed Adam and Mohammed a bag full of new skateboards and t- shirts to take back to Palestine (see photo below).

Returning to Qalqilya stunned and energized by this incredible offer, Adam and Mohammed completed the remaining scenes for the film and began preparations for the skate ramp. They turned to the mayor of Qalqilya for support, who immediately donated a piece of land for the project inside the city zoo, the city’s main tourist attraction.

By March, Tashkeel found a designer for the ramp and Mohammed was running between Ramallah and Qalqilya, working to find all the equipment and materials they needed. Since wood is not an abundant resource in the Middle East, making sure every piece of plywood, nail and saw will be available has taken a considerable amount of time.

By May 2013, all the materials and tools were preordered. We are currently in the process of scheduling the construction for the ramp, which should take place late this summer.

Stay tuned!

Thank You Taskeel