In a city surrounded by a wall, a Palestinian skater inspires a community to learn how to fly

Teaser Trailer


We recently added a new member to the team. Eyas Salman, who edited the Oscar nominated film OMAR, is now editing QALQILYA! Eyas has just begun working on the Film and our goal is to have a rough-cut by the end of the summer.

But we need your help to make post production a reality. We are looking to create ambassadors, people who find substance in the project who would be willing to make a phone call, spread the word, or cut a check on its behalf, because it’s something they believe in. If you would like more information on how to get involved, please email us through our contact page.

The director and producer, Adam Abel, is now touring the US to speak with supporters and hold events presenting the project. Adam will travel next to LA, where he will meet with producers and people in the skate industry. Then Adam heads north to the Bay Area, where he will have a public event at La Pena Cultural Center in Berkley on June 6th. And finally at the end of June we hope to have another public event in Washington DC before Adam heads to Nazareth to begin editing the film with Eyas.

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QALQILYA is a feature length documentary about a group of Palestinian youth searching for freedom through their passion for play. This film tells the story of Sajed, a Palestinian skater, who mentors a group of youth that skate, do parkour, and perform beatbox and hip-hop in Qalqilya, a city in the West Bank completely surrounded by the Israeli wall. They call themselves the “X-Games”.┬áLiving in confinement, where there is no place for children to play, these trailblazers are on a mission to fly.

We have not only just completed filming, but thanks to Tashkeel, we have wrapped up construction on a state-of-the-art skate ramp in Qalqilya. Check out the details on the ramp, watch the parkour video, and learn how you can support us as we prepare for post production.