Join the Adventure

Qalqilya is a feature-length documentary film about Sajed, a visionary skater determined to build a club for the “X-Games,” an avant-garde group of misfits from Qalqilya, Palestine. Living in a conservative city surrounded by a wall and struggling to bring his community out of the margins, Sajed realizes he may have to risk everything in order to keep his dream alive.


After three years following the X-Games, embedding into their community, building a skate ramp and filming their story, we are now in the editing room. Our goal is to produce a rough-cut by the end of 2016. But in order to get there and release the film in 2017 we need your help.

And this summer, we have joined forces with US pro skater Kenny Reed to create SkateQilya: A summer camp, August 7-25, that will use skateboarding and art to teach leadership and community building. Check out the latest press on and get involved by making a $10 donation to get your name graffitied on our skate ramp in Qalqilya.


We have many ways for you to get involved.

  • Make a tax-deductible donation of any amount and become a member of the team.
  • Donate $150 and pay for one shift of translating. We can’t edit without the footage translated!
  • Become an “Ambassador” and connect us with your community. Every post, tweet and conversation helps.
  • Become a “Secretary of State” and host a event in your neighborhood.
  • Purchase a limited edition photograph of US pro skater, Kenny Reed, skating on the wall surrounding Qalqilya.
  • Become a producer! We are offering titles in the film for certain levels of funding and/or fundraising.


We have received many positive responses to Qalqilya over the past few years. Festivals from around the world have expressed great interest in screening the film upon its completion. Some notable examples of coverage include The Daily Beast, which featured a story about the film and the skate ramp it inspired; Al Jazeera, who filmed the X-Games team for their English channel; and Tony Hawk, a skateboarding legend, who posted one of Adam’s photographs on his Instagram page, attracting over 25,000 “likes” within just a few days.

It’s easy to react to any project about the Middle East with a feeling of dread and ennui, but I urge anyone with that reaction to watch even a few minutes of Adam’s footage. If you’re anything like me, you’ll lean forward in your chair, and find yourself caught up in the heartfelt desires of a group of young Palestinians who simply want to express themselves through movement and music.

– Jack Lechner, executive producer of the Oscar-winning documentary The Fog of War and the Oscar-nominated independent film Blue Valentine.