Mohammed Othman and Adam Abel on location

Mohammed Othman and Adam Abel

Qalqilya began in April, 2011, when Adam, an American artist, was visiting Qalqilya conducting research about borders you could see from Google Earth. There he met Mohammed Othman, an internationally known human rights activist, who was giving Adam a tour of the city. Together they serendipitously met Sajed, the leader of the X-Games and instantly envisioned a film as the best medium to advocate for the kind of space the team was seeking. A partnership was formed and a documentary was born.

Adam Abel [Director and Producer]

Adam is a New York based artist working with photography, video and film. His photographs, videos and installations have been exhibited throughout the U.S and internationally.

Adam’s practice for the last four years has focused on exploring narratives from Palestine. He has spent significant time living and filming in the West Bank for his upcoming feature documentary, Qalqilya. Interested in exploring the challenges of telling a Palestinian story to a western audience, Adam utilized footage from his time in the West Bank to create his nine-channel video installation, Palestine Interrupted. His full portfolio of work can be viewed at

Adam taught as an adjunct instructor at Lehman College (CUNY) from 2007-2010. He completed an MFA in Photography and Related Media at Parsons, The New School For Design in 2012 and received his B.A. from Wesleyan University in 1998.

Mohammed Othman [Producer]

Mohammed is a project manager and campaign organizer in Ramallah, Palestine. Having worked on the film with Adam from its conception, he has worked as a producer, line producer, assistant director, photographer, sound engineer, fixer and translator on Qalqilya. Mohammed worked for over 10 years as a founder and coordinator for various NGOs around the West Bank. As a tour guide, his client’s have included former American President Jimmy Carter and former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Since leaving his work as a community organizer, Mohammed has been working as a producer for Qalqilya and a line producer for other independent filmmakers working in the West Bank. His work on How Palestinian Bloggers Cover Protests in Their Own Villages by filmmaker Leeor Kaufman was recently published by Time magazine .

Maria Cataldo [Editor]

Maria is a New York City based filmmaker and theater artist. Her feature film editing credits include Rain, which premiered at the 2008 Toronto Film Festival, the award winning Children of God, voted one of The Independent’s 2010 Features to Watch, Wind Jammers, official selection at the San Diego Black Film Festival, and Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, awarded Best Family Feature at the Garden State Film Festival. Further credits include her work through The Weinstein Company where she coordinated and supervised the post-production on films such as Bobby, Factory Girl, Dedication, The Protector, Penelope and The Dixie Chicks’ Documentary Shut Up and Sing. Additionally, Maria’s theater and experimental video have been presented in NYC through St. Ann’s Warehouse, HERE Arts Center, The Looking Glass Theater and elsewhere including The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Most recently, Maria co-directed and co-produced MTV’s Rebel Music, a six part documentary series about protest music emerging from conflict areas around the world.

Rana Kazkaz [Story Editor]

Rana is a filmmaker and writer. She has written several feature film screenplays that have been selected for participation in Tribeca All Access (2005), Rawi/Sundance Screenwriting Lab (2005), Crossroads Thessaloniki (2009), the Mediterranean Film Institute (2010), Abu Dhabi Shasha (2010), and Melbourne’s Co-Production Market (2011). Her screenplays have earned Europe’s MEDIA grant (2012) and participated in Interchange (2012) and Med Film Factory (2014). Her short films include Kemo Sabe and Deaf Day. In addition, Rana also works as a story editor. She holds a BA from Oberlin College, an MFA from Carnegie Mellon and attended the American Film Institute’s DWW program.

Tareq Abboushi [Composer]

Tareq is a Palestinian multi-instrumentalist, composer and bandleader. He has performed with such notable musicians as Simon Shaheen, David Brosa, Omar Farouk Tekbilek, and Grammy-Award-Winner Dan Zanes in the USA, Canada, the Middle East and Europe. Tareq has composed and performed music for the award-winning film Chicken Heads (best short film, 2010 Dubai Film Festival). His participation in other film scores includes the award-winning soundtrack for the film Encounter Point (best musical score, 2006 Bend Film Festival), Man From Plains (2007) and the Oscar-nominated Rachel Getting Married (2008), the last two directed by Johnathan Demme.